Fruit on pizza – Yay or nay?

Across the globe and in the United States, pizza remains one of the most well-known fast foods. It is convenient, quick and tastes good. With these three features alone, families across the globe consider pizza a top choice. Apart from the taste, quickness and convenience, there is a plethora of benefits of preparing your own homemade pizza. Is your quest for fruit on pizza Yay or Nay? Well, fruit can also play a big role when preparing your own homemade pizza. Save some money, get your family together and control the ingredients used for preparing your pizza today.

Simple Fruit Pizza Recipe:

A sweet dessert pizza can be prepared with frosting, a rich sugar-cookie crust, your
favorite fresh fruit and whipped cream.


31/2 cups of assorted fresh fruit

1 pouch Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix

Half Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting

Half cup of margarine or butter melted

1 cup whipping cream

1 egg


1. After heating your oven to around 375 Fahrenheit, place 15×10-inch baking pan or 14-inch pizza pan with cooking spray.

2. Stir cookie mix in a medium bowl of egg, melted butter until soft dough forms. Ensure that the dough is properly pressed in the bottom of the pan. Bake until light golden brown appears or for ten to fifteen minutes. For about forty-five, you can allow the baked mix to cool.

3. Beat whipping cream in chilled medium bowl with an electric mixer. This should continue on high speed until some soft peaks form. Into whipped cream, simply stir frosting and spread it over cookie pizza. Finally, spread your favorite fruit on the pizza.

Pros Of Homemade Pizza:

1. Saving money is one of the best benefits of preparing your own homemade pizza. It is important to know that purchasing fresh ingredients can be expensive. On this note, visiting the farmer’s market can help you to buy inexpensive ingredients. Ordering a take-out pizza from any restaurant or food service can be too costly. In fact, the farmer’s market will help you buy ingredients that can prepare five to six times of your restaurant pizza order. For a large supreme pizza, you can pay as high as twenty-five dollars, which can help you buy ingredients to make six times at home.

2. Getting your family together into the kitchen is another amazing benefit of making a homemade pizza. In a busy life, sharing the tasks of preparing a pizza among your family members remains a great way to slow down the rush. It helps you know how everyone is feeling, talking about your day and having a general family meeting together.

3. Preparing your homemade pizza will help you make a good customization of the ingredients. Some food services or restaurants may use unhealthier ingredients that can cause more health complications to you. Making your own pizza will help you prevent the health dangers associated with ordering from a food service. Apart from health dangers, you will have the opportunity to make use of any ingredient that suits your need.

Cons Of Homemade Pizza:

1. The quality of homemade pizza will not be like that of a professional restaurant or food service worker

2. The taste may be different from the normal pizza purchased in high-class restaurant


Is fruit great on pizza? Without any scintilla of doubt, fruits will help to boost the taste of your pizza. Apart from the taste, fruits can as well help to provide more health benefits. Adding pineapple on pizza will lead to extra costs for topping. The pineapple strings may eventually stick into your teeth, causing more complications. Adding pineapple on pizza will make other people call you a weirdo. But as long as you enjoy it, doesn’t matter anyway. You can find some excellent peelers and corers here to prepare your pineapple for your pizza masterpiece. Some Italians may be horrified and feel insulted due to your choice. Instead of pineapple, you can try other fruits such as ground walnuts, strawberry, cashew, granola, almonds and much more.

No our flat bread pizza won’t mess with your diet

A lot of people love taking pizza. What is more interesting
is that you can prepare your own pizza at the comfort of your home. It is quick
when you make a homemade pizza from dough that is already prepared and it is easy.
You can prefer to make your own dough which will just add some more minutes to
the preparing time. You can roll the dough using a parchment paper to shape
your pizza .However the dough will stick on the paper making it easier to
transfer it to the oven. When cooking, the pizza will release itself from the
parchment paper and you can remove the paper halfway. You will notice that the
parchment will darken in the oven however it doesn’t burn nor catch fire.

Choose the kind of toppings that you love for your pizza. If
you want sausage or mushroom then you will have to cook them before preparing
your pizza. For fresh greens just sprinkle them on the pizza when it is out of
the oven because the residual heat will slightly burn them bringing out their
flavor. The toppings should not exceed a handful for your home pizza because if
it exceeds it will take a longer time for the crust to cook well. You can pile
it with cheese or keep it all to be vegetable for health reasons. The equipment you need are; the pizza stone, pizza peel and a parchment paper.

Below are the ingredients for making two 10 inch homemade

>A dough which can be bought or homemade

>1 or an half cup sauce which can be either tomato sauce
or a white sauce

>2 to 3 cups of toppings as I have explained in the
second paragraph

>1 to 2 cups of cheese


1Heat your oven to 550 degrees or higher-High heat makes the
crust crunchier and more flavorful.

2Devide your dough into two-a pound of dough can make two
pizzas of 10 inch. Cover the other half with a very clean kitchen towel when
preparing your first pizza

3Roll out your dough-To flatten the dough to a quarter inch
or even less use your hands or a rolling pin until it will start to shrink then
let it rest for some minutes and then resume rolling.

4Top your pizza-Put a few tablespoons of source at the
center and spread it to the edges using the back of the spoon and then pile
your toppings.

5Bake your pizza-slide your pizza in the parchment paper using
the pizza peel on the baking stone .Let it cook for five minutes, rotate it as
you slid the parchment out then bake for the next five minutes until the crust
becomes golden brown in color.

4Slice and serve-When the pizza is slightly cool slice it
then serve.


1Saves money-eating homemade pizza is cheaper because eating
at a restaurant you pay not only the pizza but also the cost of running that

2Saves time-making pizza at home is faster than going out to
a restaurant which will take time to reach there.

3it brings a family together-Eating a homemade pizza gives
your entire family to talk about family issues.

4Healthier ingredients-Homemade pizza has exactly the
requirements which you need it won’t have like more fat or salt.


Homemade pizza will give you nutritional values.The source is made of tomatoes rich in vitamin c and vitamin a.A vegetable pizza will provide you with the same vitamins too.It has fiber which is a requirement in your body.

A slice of cheese pizza will give you 15 grams of protein. Protein helps in body repair and cheese will also give you calcium essential for strong teeth and bones.When topping up your pizza put more spinach, tomatoes and onions to make your pizza healthier.

Do you really need a dedicated oven for your homemade pizza

Homemade pizza


A Pizza it creates wonder in your mouth and stimulates your taste buds. The crest of pizza base , cheese and sauces also the beautiful toppings which make its and ideal food for whenever you want to refresh yourself. Normally you make call to get the deliver as per your knowledge or feedback from others. It’s good to know that now a days most of the people have started making custom pizzas at their home.

It’s also good to know that pizzas can actually help in your health as in homemade pizzas you may actually add the nutritious food substances and ingredients. The toppings also help for example spinach is one of the toppings you can select in which vitamin K is available and the same will give your brain a boost. When you control your own ingredients along with taste you can ensure a perfect diet when you make pizza at home. There are some pizza makers who offer custom made, but the best way is balking at home.

Try at home

For making a pizza it does not require a lot of expertise but you may need to have little bit of knowledge about it. A base of the Pizza is back bone for the Pizza, you may go for a readymade one or you can make the same your own. Although there are lots of good bases are available in the market, it’s good to have your own base made with wheat flour or Maida if you have time and passion to make a complete homemade. If you are beginner uts better to go for a readymade base.

Sauces which needs to be used for pizza needs to be selected very carefully according to your taste. You can make sauces also at your home but go for the one from the market for time saving. Pl take care of acidotic substances in your sauces. Toping ups are the key area where you may surprise your family members and visitors using your creativity. Try multiple combinations for toping it up using herbs having good smell, organic vegetables, dry tomato etc. For the sake of mentioning jalapenos and mushrooms are my favorites. Now processed cheese is something you cannot forget when you make pizza you may select your favorite cheese for the pizza to make at home.

Now when you need to do this at home one for the big question will comes to your mind. Where to cook it , do you really need a dedicated oven for your homemade pizzathere are many suggestions available in online for using any microwave Owen for pizza.

Pizza oven

For home use the best oven is electric one, which is easy to handle and with modern technology. The important thing in a Pizza oven is that it should have a two layer of ceiling which improves the dynamics of heating. Monitoring of temperature is very crucial to get the best pizza out of your oven. You may adjust the temperature according to the recipe and wait until it gets baked. When the pizza is getting made you may enjoy your time as the oven takes care of the baking and monitoring.

These ovens are not only used for baking pizzas but you can use it for other purposes. For baking breads or roasting meat these ovens are perfect fit. If you need to use the left over pizza then also you can use this for heating the same without compromising the quality of it. So if you ask do you really need a dedicated oven for your homemade pizza, yes this one will definitely ensure that only perfect, crispy & mind-blowing pizzas to be baked @ home.

Making homemade pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes for meals for children and adults alike as it is filling and delicious. Most people order their pizza from restaurants and other fast food joints, however it is possible to make pizza at home quickly and cheaply, using some easily available ingredients. One of the great advantages of making pizza at home is that it is possible to customize the pizza as required, modifying the cheese, toppings, and sauce which will be used. Detailed instructions on How to make homemade pizza are provided , and other than an oven for baking the pizza, no special equipment is required for making the pizza .

The first step in making home made pizza is gathering all the ingredients for making the pizza. Many of the ingredients like flour,water, olive oil, salt,oregano and other spices,cheese and tomato sauce are already available in the home,as they are used for making other food dishes. Other items which are required for making the pizza are yeast and toppings which will vary, some may prefer mushroom , others chicken or turkey for the topping for the pizza. As most of the items for making the pizza are easily available at home, the cost of ingredients for making the home made pizza is less than $5 for most families.

Though there are kits available for making the dough, it is cheaper to make the dough at home. Usually for 3 cups of flour , 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of yeast and two tablespoons of olive oil should be added. A vertical mixer is a quick and convenient way of converting the mixture into a ball, however the the mixture can be manually mixed to form a ball of dough which does not stick to the hands. After preparing the dough it should be covered and kept in a dark warm place for some time, usually a few hours. The dough can also be kept in the refrigerator overnight so that it will rise slowly.

It is important to pre bake the pizza crust in the oven so that the crust does not have a dough like taste. Flour or a baking spray should be added to the pizza pan or cookie paper and the dough should be spread evenly on the pizza pan to form a thick layer. At the edges of the pan, the dough should be roled back to form a crust. The oven should be heated to 425 degree Fahrenheit and the pizza pan with the dough should be kept in the oven for at least 6 minutes to bake the pizza crust thoroughly. Making the sauce for the pizza is fairly simple, a few spices like pepper, oregano,garlic, basil can be added to tomato sauce and stored in the refrigerator.

To assemble the pizza for eating, sauce should be applied to the pizza base , then it can be covered with the toppings, and then the layer of cheese can be placed. Multiple layers of cheese, toppings and sauce can be applied, however the sauce is a recommended to ensure that the topping will adhere to the pizza. The pizza is then baked for approximately sixteen minutes at about 400 degree Fahrenheit. If multiple layers of toppings are being used and if the crust was cold, the baking time may have to be increased further. The homemade pizza is then sliced into smaller parts, so that it can be easily eaten.