Fruit on pizza – Yay or nay?

Across the globe and in the United States, pizza remains one of the most well-known fast foods. It is convenient, quick and tastes good. With these three features alone, families across the globe consider pizza a top choice. Apart from the taste, quickness and convenience, there is a plethora of benefits of preparing your own homemade pizza. Is your quest for fruit on pizza Yay or Nay? Well, fruit can also play a big role when preparing your own homemade pizza. Save some money, get your family together and control the ingredients used for preparing your pizza today.

Simple Fruit Pizza Recipe:

A sweet dessert pizza can be prepared with frosting, a rich sugar-cookie crust, your
favorite fresh fruit and whipped cream.


31/2 cups of assorted fresh fruit

1 pouch Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix

Half Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting

Half cup of margarine or butter melted

1 cup whipping cream

1 egg


1. After heating your oven to around 375 Fahrenheit, place 15×10-inch baking pan or 14-inch pizza pan with cooking spray.

2. Stir cookie mix in a medium bowl of egg, melted butter until soft dough forms. Ensure that the dough is properly pressed in the bottom of the pan. Bake until light golden brown appears or for ten to fifteen minutes. For about forty-five, you can allow the baked mix to cool.

3. Beat whipping cream in chilled medium bowl with an electric mixer. This should continue on high speed until some soft peaks form. Into whipped cream, simply stir frosting and spread it over cookie pizza. Finally, spread your favorite fruit on the pizza.

Pros Of Homemade Pizza:

1. Saving money is one of the best benefits of preparing your own homemade pizza. It is important to know that purchasing fresh ingredients can be expensive. On this note, visiting the farmer’s market can help you to buy inexpensive ingredients. Ordering a take-out pizza from any restaurant or food service can be too costly. In fact, the farmer’s market will help you buy ingredients that can prepare five to six times of your restaurant pizza order. For a large supreme pizza, you can pay as high as twenty-five dollars, which can help you buy ingredients to make six times at home.

2. Getting your family together into the kitchen is another amazing benefit of making a homemade pizza. In a busy life, sharing the tasks of preparing a pizza among your family members remains a great way to slow down the rush. It helps you know how everyone is feeling, talking about your day and having a general family meeting together.

3. Preparing your homemade pizza will help you make a good customization of the ingredients. Some food services or restaurants may use unhealthier ingredients that can cause more health complications to you. Making your own pizza will help you prevent the health dangers associated with ordering from a food service. Apart from health dangers, you will have the opportunity to make use of any ingredient that suits your need.

Cons Of Homemade Pizza:

1. The quality of homemade pizza will not be like that of a professional restaurant or food service worker

2. The taste may be different from the normal pizza purchased in high-class restaurant


Is fruit great on pizza? Without any scintilla of doubt, fruits will help to boost the taste of your pizza. Apart from the taste, fruits can as well help to provide more health benefits. Adding pineapple on pizza will lead to extra costs for topping. The pineapple strings may eventually stick into your teeth, causing more complications. Adding pineapple on pizza will make other people call you a weirdo. But as long as you enjoy it, doesn’t matter anyway. You can find some excellent peelers and corers here to prepare your pineapple for your pizza masterpiece. Some Italians may be horrified and feel insulted due to your choice. Instead of pineapple, you can try other fruits such as ground walnuts, strawberry, cashew, granola, almonds and much more.